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THE PLANNING KIT ..."what it does for you".

EFFICIENCY_IAQ delivers cleaning service solutions in a structured fashion designed to prevent mistakes that lead to cost overruns, unnecessary or duplicate tasks, missing issues of secondary damage or issues that raise the risk of recurrence of the same issue or a problem bigger than the one you started with.

EFFICIENCY_IAQ accomplishes this for you by first laying a foundation for your plan by generating the Planning Kit. This page is designed to introduce you to a few of the references this kit includes when applicable. By illustrating key elements of the project and how they relate the kit helps you understand the attention to detail you need to be successful in planning your project, the scope of other skill sets you will need, justification of the budget, and how to make your case for reimbursement with an insurer if need be.

The Planning Kit is a collection of references, most of which EFFICIENCY_IAQ prepares for our customers gratis, designed to be the foundation of a three-factor efficiency assessment. The efficiencies we speak of and hope to achieve are dependent on the property's shell, HVAC and plumbing systems integrity (balance). We look for imbalances in terms of air volume and finishes relative to moisture levels as this has a direct correlation to contaminate levels.

The symbol in our logo we call “The Three-Factor-Orbit” represents these three factors, moisture-air-contaminates, and the efficiency or balance we work to help our customers achieve. This balance is achieved, guidance provided, in such a way it can be maintained and future recurrence of unhealthy conditions can be avoided effortlessly.

The result, A Healthy Environment Through Efficiency Where You Live or Work…

Below we have provided just a few versions of the Planning Kit assets we may provide for a given project. Along with them we try to provide written perspective on how they work for you to reduce risk and make you successful. The ideas shared here are very valuable and can make or break the success of a consumer faced with these challenges.

Next, let’s look at what’s in a Planning Kit…


EFFICIENCY_IAQ first generates the floor plan. Everything else (e.g., Logs, Line-Item Costs, planning decisions, estimates from other trade companies if you need them, your insurance claims package & more) comes from this foundational step. Many versions of the floor plan are developed to facilitate the planning, the project tasks' organization & execution, and any insurance related goals you may have. See a few below.

Keep in mind that if the challenge is a moisture loss due to an Air Conditioning related failure or efficiency problem a floor plan may not be needed. If the issues with the HVAC system have to do with balance or design, EFFICIENCY_IAQ would use the floor plan to drive an Efficiency Audit; determine how the existing system is contributing to a failure to maintain proper moisture levels in the environment.

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Wet Plot

For insurance claims and for general planning the mitigation team serves as those professionals that identify (and for the insurer justifies) the path of travel of a moisture loss. This allows the property owner to “prove” the scope of work done followed the COVERAGES in their policy; that the tasks proposed for the mitigation plan are justified.

EFFICIENCY_IAQ relies on a staff with over twelve years (collectively, 30 years) of experience, its staff’s IICRC credentials, and our state contaminate (MRC, MRW, RCO) licenses to interpret path of travel and develop a mitigation plan for the customer that remains sensitive to the health goals and challenges they have.

NOTE: Interested in more information on our staff's credentials? If so, see more on OUR SKILLSET from this site’s navigation bar (top of this page) by looking under now.

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Mitigation Floor Plan

Once the path of travel is established EFFICIENCY_IAQ’S mitigation team can look at the walls, finishes and fixtures impacted and begin to develop a plan to mitigate the impact area. The Mitigation Floor Plan EFFICIENCY_IAQ generates reflects an incremental approach to any proper mitigation discovery steps.

In this example, the loss the property owner initially called about in the HBATH was from an AC leak/overflow above. The loss in the MBATH area was mostly hidden and due to the failure of a diverter valve in the shower plumbing stack that was allowing moisture from a slow leak to wick under the tile flooring (to note the extent of this hidden loss – see the Wet Plot).

NOTE: Although the two moisture loss sources required two claims both were covered by the owner’s insurance policy.

The benefits of having the Mitigation Floor Plan in the Planning Kit are numerous. For the customer we can package this and help the property owner solicit planning estimates and perform General contractor, AC trade and other selections/decisions quickly and more precisely.

We can work with anyone you select... Are you worried about finding trade professionals with a proven track record? If so, see more on our ONE CALL approach from this site’s navigation bar (top of this page) by going to SERVICES > ONE CALL (GET IT ALL SERVICES) now.

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Evaluation Zones Diagram

EFFICIENCY_IAQ always encourages customers to take pause; think hard before electing to characterize their loss as a contaminate (mold) loss. It is important to realize most insurance policies do not cover contaminate losses but do cover water losses. Additionally, if the contaminate loss is less severe, it is possible to follow IICRC standards and get both a water loss mitigation and a result which has been evaluated as a healthy IAQ (Internal Air Quality) result.

NOTE: Property owners should also know that declaring their property a mold house hurts them at the sales table later (tens of $K’s). Please consider letting EFFICIENCY_IAQ mentor you on how to navigate these tricky decisions before it costs you.

The Evaluation Zone Diagram provides isolation testing guidance to the state licensed testing role (evaluation=testing).

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EFFICIENCY_IAQ tracks everything we do as part of our project protocol. Every member of the EFFICIENCY_IAQ team understands just how important it is to manage the budget like it was their money. Planning estimates have these logs mocked-up in team review and versions are kept current reflecting the actual numbers throughout the project.

There are several logs tracking where, when, and how everything is applied to the solution on each and every day of your project. These logs include, but are not limited to tracking:

  1. Staff Hours

  2. Trips, Trip Type

  3. Equipment Type, Use, Location

  4. Moisture (structural drying, trend to prove result)

  5. Misc. Supplies

A few samples are provide here in illustration….

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