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The EFFICIENCY_IAQ team is an experienced unit that have been working together to deliver the corrective action our customers need to solve their cleaning challenges for over 12 years. To this end, the company and team hold the credentials you expect to from a professional organization with skillsets up to solving your challenges; protecting the health of all who live or work at your property.


The EFFICIENCY_IAQ team is well rounded and are a family team. You can have credentials but without worldly experiences that out-of-the-book knowhow falls short when confronted by unique challenges. For this reason we will share some of the highlights of this group's understanding of the way things REALLY work that make them so effective. We are all truly the products of our experiences.

The list below represents some of the highlights of the collective experiences (roughly 76 years all tolled) this team draws on to serve our customers everyday:

  1. Home Electronics - a basic understanding of electrical systems and entertainment systems for property and automotive applications

  2. Facilities Management - included management of over 60 properties over a 30 year span which included a variety of single and multi-family rental homes, and a 10, 28 and 60 unit appartment project. Worked to employ AC, electrical, plumbing trades and assisted in assessing properties for FHA

  3. Structural Steel Design, Fabication and Installation - in its construction and design and the tools required over a 17 year span include small structural steel, equipment manaufacturing for polution control, stairwells and small structural items for businesses and residential consumers

  4. IT Technical - included 28 years in both scientific and business application design & development of CADD, GIS, CRM, cross systems integration and development of cirriculum including documentation development, server-user lab setup, and instruction

  5. Capentry, Modeling and Finished Cabinetry, Demolition - in its construction and design and the tools required as well as modeling related to petrochemical plant design. Years of experience in preservation demolition designed to get at problems at the lowest possible cost.

  6. Petrochemical Plant and Piping Systems Design - in its construction and design and the tools required as well as drawing the components to be fabricated, running engineering stress calculations, and taking part in field hydrotesting of these systems.

Now lets take a look at the licenses and credentials that came next. This team has been working with these new skills and applying their previous exeriences for over 12 years now.

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WRT - Water Damage Restoration Technician... issued by the IICRC

The Water Damage Restoration Technician (WRT) certification demonstrates knowledge to perform remediation work and an understanding of water damage, its effects, and techniques for drying structures. Upon achieving this certification, you demonstrate you have the background to understand the procedures necessary to deal with water losses, sewer backflows, and contamination such as mold.

RCO - Mold Remediation Company License... issued by the TDLR

A person performing mold remediation activities must be licensed as a mold remediation company if the person employs more than one individual required to be registered under §78.56 or licensed under §78.58 of the statute. A licensed mold remediation company is specifically authorized to employ mold remediation contractors and mold remediation workers who are currently licensed or registered under the statute to assist in the company's mold remediation activity.

A licensed mold remediation company shall:

  1. designate one or more individuals licensed as mold remediation contractors as its responsible person(s)

  2. notify the department in writing of any changes in individual licensed mold remediation contractors as responsible persons within 30 calendar days following the change of the responsible person; and

  3. perform mold remediation activity only during periods with the active employment of at least one individual licensed mold remediation contractor designated as the responsible person for the company;

  4. not transfer the license to any other person, including to any company that has bought the licensed entity;

  5. apply for a name change on the license within 30 calendar days after a change in name only; and

  6. obtain a new license before performing any mold-related activities when the transfer of a licensed person occurs.

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MRC - Mold Remediation Contractor License... issued by the TDLR

An individual must be licensed as a mold remediation contractor to perform activities listed under subsection (b). A licensed mold remediation contractor who employs more than one individual required to be licensed under this section or required to be registered under §78.56 must be separately licensed as a mold remediation company under §78.60.

An individual licensed under this section may perform mold remediation and supervise registered mold remediation workers performing mold remediation. In addition, a licensed mold remediation contractor is licensed to provide mold remediation services including:

  1. preparing a mold remediation work plan providing instructions for the remediation activities to be performed for a mold remediation project; and

  2. conducting and interpreting the results of activities recommended in a work plan developed under paragraph (1), including any of the activities of a registered mold remediation worker under §78.56.

MRW - Mold Remediation Worker Registration... issued by the TDLR

An individual must be registered as a mold remediation worker to perform mold remediation, except that an individual licensed under §78.58 is not required to be separately registered under this section.

  1. successfully pass a criminal history background check;

  2. be at least 18 years old at the time of application;

  3. demonstrate that the person’s employer, if any, is in compliance with the requirement for insurance coverage under §78.40 if requested by the department;

  4. complete a mold training course as described in the TMARR statute

  5. Inferred but NOT precisely defined in the TMARR statute... Years of experience in preservation demolition, an understanding of the way a property is put together designed to identify and get at problems at the lowest possible cost. We are proud to say EFFICIENCY_IAQ has this experience on our MRW team.