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The EFFICIENCY_IAQ staff from administration to the field project level have been a team for over twelve years now. Recently, we changed our name and our business focus as the result of the end of a long-term business relationship which ended. Nothing related to our team, our devotion to the customer, and our ability to manage as professionals for our customers changed.

What did change is we are now totally focused on delivering assessment and planning first. The assets such as those described on this site; the Planning Kit, the One Call associations, the coordination we provide for all trades you select for your project were all looked at as a business liability in our past relationship. Now that we have changed to EFFICIENCY_IAQ we are free to say NOT providing these services is a huge liability for our business and more importantly, for any prospective customer.

So, EFFICIENCY_IAQ is designed to deliver a Naturopathic styled professional assessment that can, if you require it, help with CLEANING solution services. All of this is designed NOT to allow recurrence of your problem. Typical mitigation companies fail to provide any of this or to do so in an ineffective manner.

OUR HISTORY with the customer…

Unfortunately, with the name change we will encounter a soft reset of our social identity. Put simply, you will not see much in terms of reviews for a while. We are reaching out to past customers to ask they resubmit their past reviews but this will take some time.

In the meantime, because we know how others view us is important to you, we took time to download the last few years of reviews. The same team which is here today generated these reviews through their collective customer service activities before our name change.

In the interest of FULL transparency/disclosure, due to legal boundaries we must be careful not to cross, we are not allowed to compete or link today's effort to our past business association identity. To meet our legal obligations in this, we did edit out the name of our past organization, replaced it with “this company” or similar. No other changes were made so, all of them, the bad, the good, and the ugly reviews remain…