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ONE CALL ...or someone you know?

EFFICIENCY_IAQ can work with people you know and have relationships with. As we decide on the project team, EFFICIENCY_IAQ will always interview your trade before the project and advise you on that selection. The reason this interview is important is that working with a mitigation company is unlike working with other trade companies.

If a trade company has never worked with a mitigation company, they may not understand that how you sequence and assign ownership of tasks required to provide a healthy result can be very different. The result is that the trade company may not be able to respond as needed to control budget, a result of their business model, typically no reflection on the quality of their work. Ask us we can explain.

The folks at EFFICIENCY_IAQ developed the concept of ONE CALL for one reason, because we know you may need skilled assistance for meeting elements of the project you and EFFICIENCY_IAQ cannot satisfy on our own. EFFICIENCY_IAQ will act as your quarterback to make multiple trades look as one during the project. At the end of the day, you regain management control, as the ONE CALL trades are independent and you are their boss.

ONE CALL ...a known quantity.

EFFICIENCY_IAQ has a variety of trade companies we work with, some for more than twelve years. If a trade company is new, we share this with our customer and review the qualities that led us to select them for a ONE CALL association.

Initially, ONE CALL companies are selected based on a few very basic requirements. This includes but is not limited to; they are a local family business, they exhibited qualities that give confidence they are both qualified to deliver and that they stand by their work product, they are licensed, credentialed, and insured for the work they do.

EFFICIENCY_IAQ does not pay for or expect payment for customer leads and prohibits ONE CALL associates from doing so. We look at the ONE CALL association as a privilege, allowing us to work with like-minded trades to provide a proper solution. Unlike preferred vendors from an insurer’s list, we look to our customers for the next job, are devoted to their need and future, not the insurer’s.

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EFFICIENCY_IAQ has selected ONE CALL trades based on needs we see are in demand most by our customers. Let’s look at a few common trades we see needed often who are part of our ONE CALL association of trade companies in the list below.

  1. General Contractor (GC) – your resource for the skills required for restoration of your finishes, mechanical systems (e.g., electrical, plumbing, counters, floors, etc.) and serves you and your project team to act as our GURUs of structural and finish deconstruction during the mitigation and throughout the project.

    It is the GC’s plumber who establishes and documents the “SOURCE” of a water loss; makes any insurance claim viable.

  2. HVAC Trade – contaminate and water loss problems can impact (or can be caused by) the property’s HVAC systems. This trade provides licensed mechanical assistance when needed. This team has the years required to be effective in alerting us, throwing a YELLOW flag at design problems.

    If a water loss is an AC overflow or similar, it is the HVAC trade who establishes and documents the “SOURCE” of a water loss; makes any insurance claim viable.

  3. Efficiency Auditor – credentialed by the ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America), if your problem starts with your AC system it may not be broken, it may be poor design or unauthorized changes to design by previous service teams. When needed, this is an important skill that, when applied properly, prevents recurrence or a bigger version of the same problems.

  4. Mitigation/Remediation Trade – That’s EFFICIENCY_IAQ. A good mitigation trade is the first one in and the last one out, and through precise planning, leads the customer’s effort to know they are curing the root cause and not just applying band-aids to the symptoms. The mitigation trade is responsible for mitigating (e.g., identifying, cleaning, drying) contaminate and water/moisture related elements of the loss.

    It is the Mitigation trade who identifies the “PATH OF TRAVEL” of a water loss; makes any insurance claim viable.

Before hiring any of these trades for a cleaning, water or contaminate challenge be sure the effort is coordinated. A project with no plan is a project that does not spend your money wisely or fix the problem (for good). EFFICIENCY_IAQ and ONE CALL brings organization and can build you a plan to eliminate the chaos. Remember, the planning kit EFFICIENCY_IAQ builds for you is a FREE service.

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