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HOW WE WORK ..."with you, for you".

EFFICIENCY_IAQ delivers services in a structured fashion designed to prevent mistakes that lead to cost overruns, unnecessary or duplicate tasks, missing issues of secondary damage or issues that raise the risk of recurrence of the same issue or a problem bigger than the one you started with.


EFFICIENCY_IAQ helps the customer understand what is important through the development of a FREE comprehensive Planning (tool-) Kit. The kit includes (as is applicable to your need), but is not limited to, some or all the following key elements:

  1. Floor Plan – reflecting problems and mitigation tasks

  2. Line-Item Costs – a reflection of the challenges audited and include on the Floor Plan

  3. A Specification – describes what service the line items you’re paying for include

  4. Logs – a critical aspect of any plan, your logs (e.g., tracking… moisture, trips, equipment use, hours and more…) are “mocked up” for planning and “marked-up” as the actual work proceeds. You (and your insurer) will know where every nickel will be (was) spent and why.

  5. DELIVERED FREE and BEFORE you commit – this planning tool will reveal other challenges to overcome (if they exist) and provide the basis for informed decision making; fast planning help from other trades if/when needed.

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